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A Katipunan chapter, codenamed Gargano, led by Gil Ignacio from barrio Banalo, started the hostilities in Bacoor on 2 September 1896, three days after the revolution began.

He often took the role of a substitute teacher in his class and in higher year level and was even assigned as assistant to the school principal.We've been trying to avoid that area since forever! There is also a road being built in Cavite City extension market that is likely to link with that Coastal Expressway...i think one of the exits will be in Cavite City not in Noveleta bec.The Spaniards asked the men what the name of the village was but because of the difficulties in understanding each other, the local inhabitants thought that the Spaniards were asking what they were building. The Spaniards pronounced it as "bacoor" which soon became the town's name.Bacoor was one of the flashpoints of the Cavite Mutiny of 1872. Mariano Gómez, was one of the GOMBURZA trio implicated in the mutiny for advocating secularization of priesthood in the Philippines.

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