Meet today’s scapegoat, Allie Rose-Marie Leost, the cosplaying cosplayer pictured above.Allie has worked for EA’s motion-capture labs in Vancouver.The comedy mask was associated with Thalia, the Greek muse of comedy and bucolic poetry, and the tragedy mask is associated with Melpomene, the muse of tragedy.Upon completion of a play, Greek theatrical masks were placed on the altar of Dionysus, patron god of the theater.

White water rafting is also popular at Oribi Gorge.

After our show at [Brooklyn's] Barclays Center [in October], we had dinner together.

Built in 1320 by Richard Knyvett, an addition to his father's house of 1300.

So let's see what happens." when she uploaded multiple pictures to her social media accounts showing off a diamond-encrusted ring beginning in April, following her birthday in December 2014.

The second ring was apparently given to Minaj from Meek Mill for her 33rd birthday, meaning she still has one more to go until the two will take their relationship to the next level, according to Minaj.

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