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To further complicate matters, Mildred starts dating Charlie's dad (Judd Hirsch). Don is also ordered to see a psychologist because of his involvement in several recent shootings, and he begins to question his career choice.As for Don, sparks fly when he rekindles a relationship with former flame agent Liz Warner (Aya Sumika) when she is reassigned to the L. Colby (Dylan Bruno) comes under suspicion by some of his colleagues when he appears to be acting against orders.She continued to appear on made-for-television movies like Dancing at the Harvest Moon, and The Street Lawyer.Rawat soon got a part in an episode of Fastlane, and portrayed the character Soraya in the drama House of Sand and Fog, starring Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley.Through careful consideration in front of a mathematician board, Charles tracks down the catalyst that could guide his street-bound sibling to the bad guys.The works of complex equations and thorough investigations lure away the criminals and give the good guys an upper-hand in their day-to-day crusades. 6-16 12 Mar 10 Cause and Effect The home sites for this guide are for show info and for episode details.

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Her next project became Jack the Dog, a dramatic comedy written by Bobby Roth.Interesting Season 6 cases include: the death of a martial-arts fighter in the ring and the chief suspect has ties to David (Alimi Ballard); the theft of a million Pissarro painting that was once Nazi-looted art and may belong to a Holocaust survivor (Gena Rowlands); the murder of a man who picked 30 winners in a row at a horse-racing track; the kidnapping of a record-company owner's son; a possible terrorist attack in which L.A.'s water supply is endangered; and the surfacing of the Janus list, which contains the names of spies and double agents.She later starred on the TV movie The Princess & the Marine, which was based on a true story.She soon landed a guest spot on the series Roswell, and had a recurring role on 24 as Melanie.

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