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Dick came over to welcome me and proselytize for the advantages of nudism.Dick said in regards to the cruise as I attempted to imagine all of this sagging flesh chugging toward unsuspecting caribou, and he’d taken with 2,000 other nude people, a more immediate, dreadful sight diverted me.Nevertheless, a couple of years back, myself modeled naked. ”), and that i located a club in just several hours drive of Washington, D. I telephoned Hidden Bush and said I want to come to get a solo visit (the club lets couples and single women as visitors although not lonely guys), and was told an approaching Saturday would be especially great because there will be a tropical-themed dinner that evening.

Both girls very very friendly and they had made me a bed up in the living room of the cabin.I am Lisa and im 63 years old, I have been coming here for about a year and love reading peoples confessions and feel it is about time I write my own.It all happened way back in 1973 and I will try and write it down as best as I can remember it.You can add this site to bookmark and come back again!This site is about Teenage Nudists and Naturists, photos of their families and friends and nudist lifestyle.

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